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JTWhatsApp is an innovation in WhatsApp messenger and it is the modified version. Download the official modified version of this application and get the same interface with a lot of new features. At the same time use multiple accounts on your device.
Size: 63 MB | Version: Latest

JTWhatsApp APK is the modified version of WhatsApp available on the internet to enhance your chatting experience. Millions of users have downloaded this version and they are using the same interface with several new features. It includes several themes, download status, download profile picture, share all kinds of formats of documents, and many more. All these features are added in this latest version by the third-party developers for all users. Do not be late and click on the download button available above. At the same time, all interesting features are discussed in detail below.

First, you need to download this modified version on your device to explore all features. It is available by downloading statuses and profile pictures, using several themes, hiding last seen and blue ticks, showing your profile picture to limited contacts, and many more. At the same time, add unlimited contacts to your groups and also create unlimited groups. Send broadcast messages to groups and make audio and video calls. Get the notification if any of your contacts get online. Statuses will remain safe for 48 hours and you will get all deleted messages as well. There are a lot of other features also available and you need to have a look below.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular socializing application and it was introduced to start chatting and sharing media files. Developers have added so many features after some time. You can now share your photos, videos, documents, location, contacts, and many more. Post your images and videos as status and also watch the statuses of other contacts. Make audio and video calls and you can also start a group chat. Moreover, several features are missing in this application like you can not download these statuses and many more. But the popularity of WhatsApp is increasing and almost everyone is using WhatsApp these days.

What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is the modified version designed by JIMODS. It is available with all additional features that are not available in the standard version. Now you can download the statuses of your contacts and also repost them as your status. Freeze when you are last seen, hide double ticks, show your profile picture to limited contacts, and many more. At the same time, several themes are also available to explore and you can easily select a theme according to your mind. Get different colors and templates to create your theme. The option of auto reply is available and you can translate a message in all languages easily.

Never show your online status to your contacts and get a popup when your contacts get online. See their profile pictures and download them. Scheduled messaging is also available to use and you can easily send a broadcast message to your groups. Create unlimited groups and add unlimited contacts in these groups if you are using JT WhatsApp APK.

Additional Features

Developers have added a lot of new features in the latest update and these are mentioned below.

  • DND Mode is enabled.
  • Auto reply.
  • Translation is available.
  • Create Unlimited Groups.
  • Hide Profile Picture.
  • Hide Double Tick.
  • Change themes.
  • Change the main icon.
  • Scheduled messages.
  • Hide chat picture.
  • Freeze blue ticks.
  • Hide profile picture.
  • Add unlimited contacts in calls.
  • Pin your chats.
  • Get deleted messages and statuses.
  • Hide contact name.
  • Lock your chats.
  • Lock application.


Easy To Use

Get the simple application and it is very easy to use. A user-friendly interface is available where all your options are the same as the standard version. At the same time, you will get all your chat windows in a new way. Developers have not changed the interface in the standard version but you will get an interesting interface in this modified version.

Hide Last Seen

Developers have added a new feature where you can hide your last seen and online status. This option is available in the settings and you can easily hide your last. No one from your contacts will be able to see your seen but you can easily see their last seen. On the other hand, this option is also available for online status and typing status. Remove this option whenever you want and see the online statuses from all your contacts.

Limitize Profile Picture

Remove your profile picture for all your contacts or you can hide it for limited contacts. This can help you to increase your security and you can show your profile picture to the contacts you want. Go to the privacy section of your settings and enable this option. Select the contacts and save it. These selected contacts will be able to see your profile picture.

Remove Blue and Double Ticks

Freeze your blue ticks and double ticks to decrease your visibility. For example, your contact will never see blue ticks if you read their message. At the same time, they will not be able to see double ticks if their message is delivered. They will see your message when you reply to their message.

Create Groups

Create multiple groups and add unlimited contacts in these groups easily. Use this new option where you can create different groups for different purposes. Create groups for work, friends, and for many other reasons. In this way, you can make group calls and add unlimited contacts to your calls.

Make Audio and Video Calls

WhatsApp has recently added the option of calls where you can make audio and video calls but you can add limited contacts to these calls. But JT WhatsApp has added the option where you can add unlimited contacts to these calls. Add your contacts and enjoy your calls.

Broadcast To Groups

Create different broadcast lists and add unlimited contacts to these calls. At the same time, you can add unlimited contacts to these lists. The standard version allows you to add 250 contacts but you can add unlimited contacts to these lists. Send a broadcast message to all your groups as well. The standard version does not allow sending messages to groups but you can easily do this with the help of this modified version.

Lock Chats

JTWhatsApp APK allows users to lock their chats and you can now lock different chats instead of locking the entire application. This can help you to protect all your confidential data and you can unlock it with the help of your finger lock or a password.

Enable Finger Lock

Enable the option of your finger lock and it can help you to protect your application and no one can open it if they do not know the password. This can help you to increase your security and you can easily lock all your chats.

Disable Media Saving

Never save your photos and videos to the internal storage of your device. Users get a lot of photos and videos from group chats and all these media files are saved to the gallery. Disable this option and all these files will remain saved in this application. Access these files in this application easily and make your gallery clear from all these irrelevant photos and videos.

Long Status

The basic version of WhatsApp allows users to upload a status for up to 30 seconds and it is a very short duration for a status. JT WhatsApp allows users to upload a status for up to 90 seconds and you can upload all kinds of videos easily. No matter what kind of video quality you are using. This is the best option available in this modified version and many users have liked it.

Anti Deleting

WhatsApp has added the option of deleting messages for everyone. The sender can delete a message and no one can access it. But all messages will remain saved on your end if you have downloaded this modified version. Read these messages whenever you want and these messages will remain saved permanently. This is the best option available and it helps you to read all deleted messages easily.


Developers of this modified version have added more than 4000 themes in this version and you can easily explore and select for your interface. Different colors are available from these themes and all of them are free to use. At the same time, you can also create your theme by using different available templates.

Simple Interface

The interface is very simple and all options are similar to the standard version. Developers of this application made a lot of modifications and they have kept it simple. Use this simple interface to start your chatting and you can explore more options for your attraction.

Pin Chats

Keep all your important chats on the top of the chats and this can save your. This option is better instead of searching or scrolling down to these chats. Get these chats available whenever you open this application. Start sending messages to all these important contacts. On the other hand, you can also pin the chats of your loved ones.

Fonts and Stickers

Several news fonts and stickers are added in this modified version and you can add them all whenever you want. These stickers and fonts are available in this app and you never need to download from any other application. Send these interesting stickers to all your friends and also use a unique font style for your chatting. This simple and interesting feature has attracted the attention of many users.


Translate all messages in your language if you are getting these messages from any other language. Translate them all easily and it can help you to send all messages in the language of the sender. It will automatically translate your message and you can start communicating with all people having different languages.


Several emojis are added in this version and you can easily choose these emojis to make your chats interesting. At the same time, thousands of emojis are available in this version and you can easily send them all to your friends.

Use in Airplane Mode

You can use JT WhatsApp Download if your plane mode is enabled. Turn on your wifi manually and you can start communicating with all your contacts. It will decrease the signals of your internet connection and you can use it in the fastest way.

Dark Mode

Users are using this app at night and it is very dangerous for the eyes. Developers have added the dark mode where your screen will turn black and it will reduce the harm chances for your eyes. At the same time, you can turn it on and off whenever you want and it is very simple to use.


FeaturesWhatsAppJT WhatsApp
Auto Reply ModeX
Anti DeletingX
Big Media Files SharingX
Hide Profile PictureX
Freeze Your Last SeenX
Hide Double TicksX
Hide Blue TicksX
Change IconX
Download StatusX
Download Profile PictureX
Get Deleted Media FilesX
Do Not Save To GalleryX
Unlimited Contacts To GroupsX
Add more than 4 contacts to the CallX
Long Duration StatusX
Status Save For 48 HoursX
Save Share once the FileX
Unlimited Video SharingX
Multiple AccountsX
List of FontsX
Several EmojisX
Collection of StickersX
Lock ChatsX
Lock ApplicationX
Share DP To Limited Contacts X
Save Share once FileX
Share all formatsX

Pros and Cons

This modified version of the application has some pros and cons and you must have a look at them.

Pros of JTWhatsApp

All the pros of JT WhatsApp Download are given below.

  • Download the statuses of your contacts.
  • Share large-sized media files.
  • Change the App icon.
  • Small Sized.
  • Unlimited Media Sharing.
  • Several colors and themes.

Cons of JTWhatsApp

Get the cons of this app below.

  • Need to update manually.
  • It may crash for some time.
  • Server down.


How To Download

A few steps are given below and you must follow them to download it easily.

  • Click on the download button.
  • It will take you to the next page.
  • A download button is available there.
  • Click on it and wait for the installation of the file.
  • Go to the download folder after downloading.
  • Long press this file and click on install.
  • It will immediately install on your device.

More Info

Size63 MB
Downloads1 Million+
Mod FeaturesUnlocked + Anti Ban
Applicable OnAndroid
UpdateA Few Seconds Ago

Final Verdicts

JTWhatsApp APK Download is the best option if you want to use another modified version of WhatsApp. Use the simple interface of this application and it is completely free and simple to use. A lot of additional features are available in this app and you can now download statuses. Download profile pictures and also save media once files. Freeze your last seen and double ticks easily. This can help you to stay secure and comfortable. Send a message to all your friends with the help of the auto-reply feature.

Moreover, JT WhatsApp contains a lot of themes, stickers, and emojis. Send all kinds of document files like PDF, DOC, Sheets, and many more. Send zip and other kinds of files with the help of this application. Many users are interested in using this app and the users who have downloaded it are satisfied with this application. Don’t be late and click on the download button above to download the latest version of this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Download JTWhatsApp?

The download procedure is very simple and you can download the latest version of this application from the download button.

Q. How To Update JTWhatsApp?

Go to the settings of this application and click on update. Click on the auto-update option.

Q. Is JTWhatsApp APK Free to Download?

Yes, JTWhatsApp is completely free to download and you will get the anti-ban version from the download button above.

Q. What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp and designed by third-party developers.

Q. How To Download JT WhatsApp?

Click on the download button above to download the latest version of this modified application.

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